My next novel 2022

Sometimes, Abed searches the dustbins for newspapers, magazines or books. An American professor lived in the neighborhood.

 – The weather is fine here all the time. That is why you are not as studious as Europeans are. There, it snows and people stay at home to study. – Michael said.

 – When Granada was the world capital of science, Europe lived in abysmal ignorance. – Abed commented.

   The weather is fine, indeed, for tourists. However, Abed is an example of marginalized intellectuals!

   Abed is an example of well- educated people living under the sky roof. He is the hero of my next novel. I will try to publish it in 2022


My next novel 2023

   I wanted to share my holidays between Andalusia and Morocco. Malaga, a city with Arab and Roman prints, was my last destination before jumping to Africa. I had a good friend there. He invited me to pay a visit to the city. With every step, he told me about his life.     

   He was a retired child. He spent most of his time in front of the television, watching cartoons. Documentaries about animals, mainly marine ones, were the ones he loved most.

 Sadly, The Mediterranean has become the grave of so many innocent lives in recent years. This will be the topic of my next novel I will try to publish in 2023.


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